So, it’s been a while since I’ve managed to get a post out here.  There are lots of Bellman stories still in the works, but I’m going to cheat a bit and relate a tale from that era in my life unrelated to my time at the hotel. We have to fast forward a bit … More Pornography

A Budding Director

By their very nature hotels tend to have different have a very transient customer base. People are in the hotel one day and gone the next, usually never to be seen again. Occasionally though, you get regulars. People that you see frequently enough that you get to know them by name, and know little bits … More A Budding Director

The Bomb Threat

One of my most memorable days at the hotel was on a fateful evening in the spring of 1995. It most ways it was a typical day. Stand around at the belldesk, greet people when they pull up at the hotel, help them with luggage, provide information about the city, park some cars, etc. One … More The Bomb Threat

Mr. Peppers

In the years I was a Bellman I had many interesting experiences and during that time I probably helped tens of thousands of hotel guests. For the experiences that stick out in my head I can often remember what the guests looked like, but it’s pretty rare that I remember any of the guests by … More Mr. Peppers

Making Ends Meet

When I look back on this period of my life, one of the things that amazes me is how I was ever able to pull it off. I mean here I was, little more than a kid, on my own for the first time. Suddenly I was contending with things like rent, utilities, and food … More Making Ends Meet